For many years the founder has been an avid water sports enthusiast from surfing to kayaking to swimming, along with being a health conscious individual.  In his younger years, the creator lived the van life and traveled up and down the West Coast surfing and camping.  During his adventures he always travelled with water, but was always limited to plastic containers.  Being raised by the ocean, clean water has always been top of mind.  Over the years, he has watched plastic waste spread in the oceans, rivers and lakes all over the world.  He has made it his goal to practice sustainability and reduce plastic use in his everyday life.  

As he gained more knowledge about harmful toxins released from plastics into water, his motivation to discontinue plastic use increased.  He found himself researching solutions to replace plastic he used in his everyday life with sustainable alternatives.  He always strived to drink the best purified water, but found he was still harming his body by using plastic 5 gallon jugs.  He started looking at alternative containers and eventually moved over to glass.  This solved the plastic problem, but opened the door to new issues.  The glass was very heavy and very fragile.  After breaking a few full glass jugs, spilling 5 gallons of water everywhere, he knew there needed to be another option.  Stainless steel!